Video: Martha Alderson Lessons

Martha Alderson is a writer from Santa Cruz, California who has produced a bucket load of excellent videos on how to write a novel, memoir, or screen play. Here are her video lessons on how to plot a novel.

1. Dramatic Action

2. Character’s Emotional Development

3. Plotting the Settings

4. Plotting Middle Settings

5. Three Major Plot Lines

6. Secondary Plots and Sub Plots

7. Plotting the Climax

8. Plotting the Climax (Part 2)

9. Energy of the Story

10. Plotting the Beginning

11. Plotting Turning Points

12. Goals for the Middle of the Story

13. The Antagonist

14. Plotting the Exotic World

15. Plotting the Recommitment Scene

16. Protagonist’s Rediscovered Gifts

17. Plotting Cause and Effect

18. Character Emotion and Thematic Significance

19. Conflict and Suspense

20. Plotting the Crisis

21. Threshold Scene after Crisis

22. The Beginning of the End

23. Plotting Thematic Significance

24. The Realtionship Bond

25. Scene Sequence to the Climax

26. Climax of the Novel

27. Plotting the Resolution


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